How I got into healthcare (a February love story)

This story cannot properly begin without first mentioning the several nursing major roommates, housemates, and suitemates I had throughout my years at Southern Adventist University. These ladies, along with the other nursing friends I had, both male and female, slowly reeled me into the world of healthcare without me even realizing it.

Sure, while I was studying my AP Stylebook and working on design projects they were memorizing diseases and practicing various assessments for their skills lab. We seemed to be in two completely different worlds. Yet, I always found what they were learning interesting. Not necessarily the clinical aspect of it all, but the impact their careers potentially had on patients. In the same way, my PR classes were about the impact professionals had on their publics.

It wasn’t until February 2012 that I married the two worlds in my mind. By that point, the idea of a career in healthcare was a frequent thought, and so I decided to research for hospital internships. My search led me to a posting for a marketing internship with Parkridge Health System.

February 4th I emailed my resume and cover letter and silently prayed God would open that door if healthcare was something I should seriously consider.

February 21st I received news I was selected for the six-month internship.

February 23rd I attended my university’s annual Health Career Fair convocation and heard the speaker from Emory-Adventist Hospital say the words that would profoundly affect the way I looked at healthcare work: “A career in healthcare is more than a job, it’s a ministry.”

Flash-forward to February 2014, where I am not only working in healthcare, but I’m a part of an organization that openly considers hospital work a Godly mission. I look forward to growing in this organization and industry, and doing my part in supporting and promoting the work that transforms millions of lives.

This picture was taken by Adventist Health System photographers for the 2014 AHS-Florida desk calendar. My day is February 5, 2014.

This picture was taken for the 2014 Florida Hospital Mission Development desk calendar. My day is February 5, 2014.