A finished PR campaign proposal

The semester is pretty much done (boo, finals!) and I’d like to present my PR Campaign group’s final project!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my group was assigned to MedSouth Urgent Care Center  for this semester project. It was a pleasure working with them and we are so very happy they were pleased with our final presentation. We certainly enjoyed the practical experience that came from working with them.

So, without further adieu, here is Kayce, Luke, and my final campaign proposal for MedSouth Urgent Care Center.


Believing in the magic

I’ve taken several “Are you right-brained or left-brained?” quizzes and my results have consistently shown I use both sides with a little more right than left brain in the mix. I can be quite practical and logical, sometimes getting caught up by the numbers in life. Yet no calculation has ever been able to incite my passion like creativity or imagination has. And that is why I still believe in magic.

I’m not talking about the “double, double toil and trouble” kind of magic. No, I do not own a cauldron. I’m talking about everyday magic: the little things that make the difference, the miracles that turn things around, the unforgettable moments that replay in the mind, the smells that trigger sweet memories.

This magic is so much more potent during the holiday season, and that is why I can stand, minutes on end, mesmerized by the glowing lights hanging on the window. And why a warm cookie, topped with glittering green and red sprinkles, tastes so much better than the oatmeal raisin one consumed any other time. And why the tree–that towering Christmas tree–magically (yes, magically) transforms from a fern to a symbol for years of Christmas traditions.

As finals draw near, and my slight obsession with the numbers (GPA, anyone?) resurfaces, I’d like my slightly more powerful right side to smack me back to the spirit of the season and the enchantment of the time, lest I forget I still believe in magic.

Over Thanksgiving break, I took my two best friends to Disney World, the most magical place on earth.